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COE 96/ Stringer/ Turquoise Glow in the Dark .5 or 1 ounce

COE 96/ Stringer/ Turquoise Glow in the Dark .5 or 1 ounce

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This listing is for 1 or 2 ounces of Turquoise Glow in the Dark 96 COE Stringer! Packs of stringer will come with a mixture of .5mm to 4mm. Pieces are approximately 10" in length. (Some pieces might be a bit shorter or longer). All stringer is hand pulled by me in the PNW using Oceanside Glass. Inconsistencies in diameter may occur because of the handmade nature.

Stringer is so much fun to use! You can use it to add detail to your project, create decorative sheet glass, use a candle to bend it... the possibilities are truly endless!

All photos are of an actual batch and are as true to color as possible. Due to the many variations in monitors and browsers, colors may appear different on different monitors. I can not guarantee that the color you see on your device is the same as in person.

Glow in the dark glass has phosphorescence... meaning it contains a special substance called phosphor. Phospors give off visible light after being energized. (This means that they have to soak up light for a while before they will glow!) I use strontium aluminate which is a new phosphate that allows a "super" glow! It stores about 10 times more light than zinc sulfate (Another type of phosphor used to create glow in the dark items). As a result... the glow lasts longer!

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